Manaspooja Siddhi
It has Musky, Woody, Balsamic & Campharaceous odour profile
This fragrance induces calmness in the ambience and makes you aware of the steady pulse of your body as well.
It is good effective at supporting a balanced mood without harmful side effects.
It is incense for spiritual application kept a mind stable

Manaspooja Champa
Champa sticks fill the environment with positive energy. Made from naturals Champa flower extract
The enriching aroma of Champa speeds up your concentration and fills your mind and soul with peace and tranquility.
Champa or Michelia Champaca used primarily for worship has been a part of the Indian heritage right from ancient times.

Manaspooja Chameli
The pleasant fragrance and various chemical components of the Chameli flower have powerful uplifting effects on the mood
Its aroma has one of the most effective anti-depressant properties.
The aroma of this rich, floral scent has a profound soothing effect on mind and emotions.

Manaspooja Sandal
It has sweet, woody, warm and rich fragrance.
The fragrance of sandalwood and creates an ambience that is ideal for prayer.
It is our endeavor to bring you the sweet natural fragrance of the Sandal throughout the year with our Sandal Agarbatti.

Manaspooja White Champa
White Champa Fragrance soothing and relaxing the nerves and muscles of the body.
White Champa flower helps one to regain confidence and self-esteem
The fragrance of White champa flower increases the spiritual healing.