Lord Vishnu’s favourite ‘Parijat’ flower is known for its heavenly fragrance. It is believed to be one of the fourteen jewels that emerged from the ocean during Samudra Manthan.
The divine fragrance of this flower is particularly dear to Lord Shriram, an incarnation of Vishnu. Therefore, Pitambari has created ‘Devbhakti Jai Shri Ram Upasana Masala Agarbatti’, crafted with the fragrance of Parijat flower and other elements beloved by Prabhu Shriram.
Lighting this incense stick while performing Shriram Upasana, Chanting Naam Jap and Reciting the Ramraksha Stotra brings Satisfaction, Happiness and Prosperity to the worshiper.
Parijat Flower Fragrance + Other Elements beloved by Shriram = Devbhakti Jai Shriram Upasana Masala Agarbatti

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