Devbhakti Champa Agarbatti Devbhakti Champa Agarbatti having natural extract of champa flowers helps in giving good calming and soothing effects on the mind and soul which helps in keeping the mind stable and calm.
Aromatherapy Benefits: It helps in filling mind with the positive and keeps the mind away from the negative thoughts giving you a peace of mind. The stress and anxiety can be reduced up to a much greater level by using this Champa incence sticks.
Available SKU: 80g, 250g

Devbhakti Mogra Agarbatti: Mogra Agarbatti contains natural extract of Mogra flowers.
Aromatherapy Benefits: It provides several benefits including uplifting the mood. The scent of mogra is said to be useful in treating depression, in particular post partum depression and emotional depression.
Available SKU: 80g, 130g, 250g

Devbhakti Kewda Agarbatti: Devbhakti Kewada Agarbatti that is available in natural fragrance of Kewada flower. It provides supportive and Grounding effect.
Aromatherapy Benefits: It is use in various ceremonies and ritual purification; these are carefully prepared using finest range of raw material, which is sourced from reliable and leading vendors of the industry.
Kewda flower is an essential part of God worship.
Available SKU: 80g

Devbhakti Sandal Agarbatti: Sandal Agarbatti that is available in natural fragrance of Sandalwood oil. The Sandal tree is highly regarded in the Vedic texts, and the heartwood is considered to be sacred.
Aromatherapy Benefits: It has a sweet-woody, warm, balsamic aroma that improves with age. It has benefits like relaxing, centering, sensual. Sandal has been used since ancient times as incense for spiritual applications. Sandalwood Essential Oil is deeply grounding and is useful for chakra work. Emotionally, Sandalwood Oil is calming and helps to instill a sense of inner peace. It is a good choice to try in cases of stress, depression or low self esteem.
Available SKU: 80g, 130g, 250g

Devbhakti Lavender Agabatti: Lavender Agarbatti that is available in natural fragrance of Lavender flower. Lavender is named after the Latin root word lavare, which means “to wash.” It was probably given this name because it was frequently used in baths, particularly in the baths of Ancient Rome.
Aromatherapy Benefits: During the middle Ages lavender was associated with love and it was believed to be both an aphrodisiac and, conversely, a sprinkle of lavender water on the head was thought to keep one pristine. It has a sweet, balsamic, floral aroma. It provides several benefits: balancing, soothing, normalizing, and relaxing. Lavender’s effect on the mind is incredible - it is both stimulating and calming.
Available SKU: 80g

Devbhakti Rose Agarbatti: Devbhakti Rose Agarbatti is a pleasing fragrance and non-toxic nature. Used to offer prayers to Gods and as a room freshener, these products are highly valued by our clients.
Aromatherapy Benefits: Rose is sweet, warm, intense, immensely rich and rosy which gives beauty, depth, smoothing and mood-lifting effect.
Available SKU: 80g, 130g 250g

Devbhakti Lily Agarbatti: Create a feeling of modesty, happiness and a sense of security. Lily Agarbatti contains natural extract of Lily flowers.
Aromatherapy Benefits: Lily agarbatti aroma has strength to treat individuals suffering from depression as it tends to help in creating a feeling of modesty, happiness and a sense of security.
Available SKU: 80g

Devbhakti Tuberose Agarbatti: Tuberose- Strengthen the mental state of mind. Tuberose Agarbatti is available in natural fragrance of Tuberose flower.
Aromatherapy Benefits: Ayurveda prescribes Tuberose for its ability to strengthen the mind and enhance the emotional stability for its inspiring aroma it has been used for prayers, spiritual gathering and meditation. The health benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing, sedative, and warming substance. The pleasant fragrance and various chemical components of this oil have relaxing effects on the brain & nerves. It calms people and gives relief from stress, tension, anxiety, depression, anger, nervous afflictions.
Available SKU: 80g

Devbhakti White Champa Agarbatti: The flower symbolize the magic of the secret garden and having 5 petals resembling a star, it symbolize celestial magic and holds a special message of the future. Flower works with the heart and solar plexus chakras. White Champa Agarbatti that is available in natural fragrance of White Champa.
Aromatherapy Benefits: Frangipani is one of the most enticing and captivating scents due to its uplifting and soul soothing qualities and Ancient Indians believed it to be the “Tree of Life” due to its healing capacity. The oil will instantly relieve stress and replenish the mind and body, to induce peace and tranquility in your internal and external awareness. It also helps one to regain confidence and self-esteem, while soothing and relaxing the nerves and muscles of the body.
Available SKU: 80g

Devbhakti Violet Flower Agarbatti: Violet, both flower and color inspired by mythology, Victorian floriography---the language of flowers---assigns to the violet a meaning of retiring modesty. The white violet, in the Victorian mind, means candor; innocence, too. It was much the same during the Renaissance, when the meanings of flower were not just simple assigned values, but reflected an essence that led to an understanding of the Divine. Under the influence of Classical scholarship and religious symbolism, the violet during the Renaissance also meant modesty.
Aromatherapy Benefits: Violet Agarbatti that is available in natural fragrance of Violet flower. Violet flower aroma helps to induce the sleep, to calm the anger.
Available SKU: 80g

Devbhakti Raatrani Agarbatti: Raatrani Agarbatti that is available in natural fragrance of Raatrani flower.
Aromatherapy Benefits: The smoke of the dried flower increases the spiritual healing. Raatrani flower is said to have a calming, relaxing effect. In addition, the scent of the flower is said to help sufferers of depression find relief.
Available SKU: 80g

Devbhakti Floral Bouquet Agarbatti: Devbhakti Floral Bouquet is specially designed by combining many different flowers in a scent giving a beautiful and overwhelmingly feminine impression, without any one particular flower being allowed to dominate.
Aromatherapy Benefits: It gives long lasting & Experience Peace of mind & Spirituality. It provides beauty, depth, smoothing & mood lifting effect. It creates a feeling of modesty, happiness and a sense of security and reduces the feeling of sadness and enhances the confidence.
Available SKU: 80g

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