Plant Growth Booster
Based on Panchamrut of Indigenous Cow.


• Restores soil fertility.
• Activate the soil biological activities of Flora and Fauna.
• Helps to decrease compaction and crusting of the soil.
• Totally organic and eco friendly, no side effect on humans and crop.
• It is rich in beneficial microbial flora such as N-Fixers, P-solubilizers and cellulose decomposer.
• Increases crop yield by 20-30%.
• Helps to maintain proper C:N ratio.
• Helps to balance the soil pH upto 7.
• Improves water holding capacity of soil.
• It will help soil to become porous.

How to Prepare

• Take 3.5Kg Subahar in a big vessel. Preserve it for 2 days in 20 litres water and apply on third day, fermentation takes place, and bubbles can be seen. You can apply either as spraying, drenching or drip irrigation to all cereal, pulses, fruits & flower crops.
• The preparation should be stirred twice a day i.e. 12 times in clockwise and 12 times in anti clock wise direction.

Method of Application

• Drenching
• Sprinkler
• Drip-Irrigation
• Flood irrigation
• Seed Treatment/ seed coating.


• For one acre : Mix.3.5Kg Subahar powder with 20 litres per acre for all crops
• 1.0Kg for garden and kitchen garden purpose.


Indigenous Cow dung, Cow urine, Cow Milk Powder, Curd Powder & Bio Fertilizers consortia.

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