X- Infect – Insect Repellent for pets and animals

• X- Infect is oil based formulation prepared for animals which don’t have any side effect on animal body.
• It contains lemongrass oil, karonj oil as natural ingrediencts.
• Flies, Ticks, mites, lices causes uneasiness to animals which reduced milk productivity to lactating animals and spreading pandemic diseases in animals.
• X-Infect is effective against flies, ticks, mites etc. X-infect repells these insects from animal body. It also helps to control keds of sheep and goat.
• X-Infect is effective for all domestic animals like cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, dog, cat, horse etc.
• X-Infect is reasonable and eco-friendly.

Method of Application

• Dilute 1 part of Insect repellent liquid with 10 parts of water. After diluting with water use within 2 hours and spray over infected area of animal.
• Shake well and reuse if needed. For heavy pest infested animals use once in 3 days to prevent infection use once in 15 dyas. Do not use on wounds. Do not apply water for atleast 12 hours after application of X infect.
• Apply every 15 days on healthy animals and every 3 day twice over diseased animal.


To prevent and control Ectoparasite infections like ticks, mites, lice, all types of flies on animals as well as keds on sheep and goat.


• Apply 10ml with per 100ml of water to cattle, calves and horses.
• Apply 5ml with per 100ml of water for dogs, cats, goats and sheep.


Lemongrass oil 04%, karanja oil 86%, Emulsifier 10%

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