It has become crucial to get the data in real time which facilitates in fast, real time decision making and makes the firm more agile than the competitors.
So what if, you get a solution that tells you about which product, which area, which sales officer, which scheme is contributing to your sales and boosting your business.
Your Sales Team daily visits different organizations/ clients/shops and reports the Head Office at the end of the day or week. As the entire process is done manually, there is a delay in getting the exact data in real time.
Also, it gets difficult to handle your sales force when their number increases and this eventually affects the lead generation process. This goes well until they are meeting their targets or achieving their goals. But what about the Sales Force efficiency, the unnecessary paperwork and time required for this entire process?
It is important to keep a track of your business, monitor your team and reduce the unnecessary paperwork which affects the efficiency of your people & organization.
In addition to this, people working in offices are in your vicinity and hence easily accessible. But those working on field are difficult to track.


• Offline Mode Available.
• Attendance / Leave Marking.
• Location Tracking.
• Place New Orders Directly From the App.
• Visit Reports.
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Reports.
• Increases Productivity.
• Eliminate Paperwork.
• Saves Cost and Time.