Combo Kit :  Ruchiyana Limesauce (2nos, 350 g each), Jaggery Powder 500 g (1nos)

Combo Kit : Ruchiyana Limesauce (2nos, 350 g each), Jaggery Powder 500 g (1nos)

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This Ruchiyana Combo kit includes Ruchiyana Limesauce 2qty (350g each) & Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder 500g.

Ruchiyana Lime Sauce :  It has whole crushed lemons blended with salt, sugar & spice mix contribute to the balanced sweet, sour & spicy taste. 
• Rich source of Vit C & Calcium 
• Makes every bite flavorful with Ruchiyana Lime Sauce
• Can be relished along with regular meals like roti, rice or khichdi. Also makes your snack time tasty with samosa, cutlet, pakoda etc. 
• Also gives tangy zest to French fries, tachos, nachos, bread roll or franky.

Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder : Jaggery is another commodity commonly found in Indian household, used in both savory & sweet dishes.
• Ruchiyana Jaggery is prepared using natural ingredients; no hazardous chemicals are used, prepared with elite variety of sugarcane and processed in hygienic conditions.
• Jaggery is rich source of minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Iron. Magnesium helps to relax muscles and improves blood circulation, while Potassium is one of the most important electrolyte which helps in reducing bloating and water retention. Calcium is good for maintaining bone density and Iron helps to prevent anemia, relieve tension and asthma.
• Best replacement for sugar & artificial sweeteners.


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