Deepshakti Pooja / Lamp Oil | Deepam Oil – 5ltr

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Pitambari Deepshakti Oil 5ltr:

The significance of lighting a lamp in Hinduism
The flames of a lamp continually burn upwards and similarly be supposed to attain such knowledge to take us towards higher values. It’s a custom to light a lamp initially before starting any auspicious events or ceremonies. As a result of lighting an oil lamp, will always removes darkness, ignorance, evil and relives from worries, troubles, stress, and also a disappointment. Light symbolizes awareness.

  • Pitambari’s Deepshakti is a personified version of light and brightness. Focusing on the spiritual significance of lighting a lamp and cost effective, Pitambari developed non-edible (sesame) oil specially designed for lighting lamps.
  • This oil possesses excellent processing features wherein it is smokeless, soothing, virtually odorless, provides a great flame and is longer lasting. In the midst of this celestial atmosphere, you experience a peace of mind.

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