Pitambari Antibacterial Dishwash Tub 500 g

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New Pitambari Antibacterial Dish wash tub is improved with the special binding agent, which controls sogginess as a result bar becomes long-lasting. Give mirror clean finish to steel, aluminum & glass utensils. It has a higher active matter which is responsible for cleaning and cutting of oily stains.
AOS and other foam booster and stabilizer gives excellent foaming and increase the cleaning capacity of the product.
Increased alkalinity acts effectively on stubborn stains.


  • To achieve perfect binding capacity i.e. to avoid sogginess and hardness of the bar introduce a special binding agent who is a unique and holds bar perfectly without making it too soggy or too hard.
  • A lime peel perfume imparts pleasant fragrance to the bar.
  • It’s having exact blend of anionic surfactants and binder to give maximum effective cleaning results.
  • In house survey report also shows satisfactory results on following parameters cleaning, grease cutting, foaming, form of the bar, fragrance etc.

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