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  • Saptashakti Sesame Oil contains main antioxidant Sesamol which is responsible for the oil oxidative stability
  • Saptashakti Sesame Oil contains unique natural antioxidant Sesamin which helps to maintain normal blood pressure
  • It also contains Sesamolin which helps in lowering bad cholesterol (i.e.LDL) it improve the cholesterol profile
  • It also contains Natural Vit. E as Tocopherol which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease
  • β-Sitosterol in Saptashakti Sesame Oil helps to maintain lower blood cholesterol level and provide protection agains hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases. Specifically, β-sitosterol is reported to inhibit prostate and breast cancer tumor growth and proliferation
  • Saptashakti Sesame Oil contains MUFA (Oleic acid) omega-9 Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid that helps lowering of Cholesterol
  • Saptashakti Sesame Oil contains PUFA (Linoleic acid) omega-6 Ply Unsaturated Fatty Acid that also helps lowering of Cholesterol
  • It can be used for Medicinal Preparations and on the skin for Massage

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