Cure On Plus Roll on (60ml) & Get Kanthavati Free (12 pills)

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Cure On – Roll On relieves pain instantly and can be used for relief from Joint-pain, Backache, Muscular pain, Body-ache, Sprain and Stiffness of joints and muscles Cure on is a non sticky pain relief oil that is easy to apply. It immediately reduces pain on application. Relieves pain and easy to carry while travelling. It gives best results in pain like back ache; sprain, stiffness of joints, Knee pain.

Free Product :- Kanthavati free

  • Pitambari Kanthavati is the best medicine for throat infection. It pacifies vata-kapha and useful in cough and cold. It reduces the stickiness & kapha in the oropharynx, gives freshness.
  • Yastimadhu is sweet, demulcent, soothing & expectorant, so it improves the quality of voice and capacity of the vocal card of the singers, if consume regularly
  • Pitambari Kanthavati contains Peppermint oil, Kapoor and Lavang that pacifies the sputum from Respiratory tract & cures the cough & asthma of any origin. Madhu (Honey) is natural throat pain and infection reliever hence it also helps to cure throat and respiratory infection

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