Ruchiyana Indrayani Unpolished Rice -1Kg

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Indrayani unpolished RiceĀ 

It is aromatic variety of rice cultivated in Mawal area of Maharashtra. It is popular for its stickiness & very commonly used for daily meal with curd or curry.


  • As it is unpolished, it keeps all the nutrients intact. It is a rich source of Iron &
  • It is easy to digest for growing age children, pregnant women and old age people.
  • Aromatic native variety with a unique sticky texture
  • Rich in minerals like Iron, Anti oxidants, Vitamin, Carbohydrate
  • It can be used to make delicious one pot Khichadi, plain rice along with spicy gravies , as an accompaniment to meals, and for mouth-watering kheers.
  • Storage Instruction: Store in a cool and dry and hygienic place. After opening keep it an airtight container.

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