Pitambari Anti-bacterial Dishwash Bar 400 g

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  • New Pitambari Antibacterial Dishwash Bar has a higher active matter which is responsible for cleaning and cutting of oily stains.
  • It has a balanced blend of surfactants, minerals, foaming agents and binders which gives effective cleaning without making too soggy or too hard.
  • It contains Natural Lemon Grass Oil, acts as an antibacterial, deodorizer & imparts freshness of Lime. Antibacterial Dishwash bar is a special agent which keeps bar intact till it ends and protects from breaking and hardening of the bar –Kam Gale Chale Zyada.
  • It cleans the utensils without any extra efforts & gives sparkling mirror finish to Utensils. It gives effective cleaning in hard water also. Active ingredients in the bar make utensils clean, bacteria free and sparkling.

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