Combo Kit : Cureon Roll on 60 ml, Healmate 25 gm, Geni 200 gm, Pancharas 100 gm(2nos), Ostirock 30 Caps

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This kit contains Cureon Roll on , healmate , geni granules, pancharas, Ostirock capsule

Cureon Plus Roll On :  Non sticky , 100% ayurvedic formulation
• Sesame oil based gives deep penetration
• Power of 2 fortified herbs Kuchla and Erandmool
• Strengthens bones & muscles, due to shatavari and ashwagandha
• Effective on all joint and muscular pains.
• long lasting warmness due to wintergreen oil
• Cooling effect of Pudina phool

Healmate Cream– Ayurvedic ointment for cracked feet.
• Contains Shuddha Hingul, Go- Ghruta(cow ghee), Jatyadi Tail, Teel Tail,Ral which is effective on painful crakes.
• Fortified with Jatyadyadi Tailam – a vranaropak medicine (Natural wound healer)
• It contains pure cow ghee which helps in softening of heels and foot soles.
Application: Wash feet with Luke warm water and dry it then apply the required quantity of Healmate Cream over the affected area twice daily
Duration: Minimum 7 days to 21 days as per depending on the disease

Geni Granules Health drink :

Herbal Health drink with delicious chocolate flavor for physical and mental fitness of growing kids
• Contains Ingredients such as Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, vacha helps in enhance memory.
• Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Yashtimadhu improve physical growth
• Fortified with Ayurvedia Madhya Herbs – Nootropic herbs- useful for brain development
• Complete ayurvedic health drink for kid’s mental and physical growth.
• It doesn’t contain any synthetic value-addition component
• 1-2 teaspoon with cup of milk

Pachak Churna: – Natural/ Herbal Mouth Freshener without supari. Free from betel nut
• 100% use of high quality herbal ingredients.
• Keeps the user free from lethargy & makes feel lighter & energetic all the time.
• Refreshes the breath.
• It aids in digestion by stimulating the 5 digestive juices and relieves constipation while improves appetite.
• Pancharas stimulates secretion of Mukha Ras (Salivary secretion), Swadu Ras(Pancreatic juices), Pitta Ras (Billiary juices) , Jathar Ras ( Gastric juices) & Aantra Ras ( Intestinal juices) and hence it is known as Pancharas which helps for digestion.


Ostirock Capsules  :

• A natural calcium Booster
• Contains rich source of Calcium kaprdik bhasma & shauktik bhasma
• Fortified with Asthipachak Yoga: increase the absorption of calcium
• No side effect
• Any calcium deficiency disease , Ca deficiency during lactating , during post menopause ,in growing child , or in fracture
Dose: 2 caps 2 times a day after food
Duration: Minimum 1 month to 3 months as per depending on the condition of the patient

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