Pitambari has created a milestone by launching its first successful flagship brand ”Pitambari Shining Powder”.
It is now effective on 6 metals: Copper, brass, Aluminum, Iron, Silver & Steel utensils.

• New Pitambari Shining Powder is introduced with special cleaning agent that removes oiliness & other stains easily thereby giving shine & gloss to metal surfaces. Its diamond edge cutting property ensures scratch free and faster cleaning effect. Also, it is gentle on hands.
• Cleans, protects, preserves and restores the shine and luster to a variety of different surfaces.
• No more scrubbing, no mess, no waste – easy to apply.
• Gentle cleaner for tarnish removal without scratching.
• Contain kewda-chandan fragrance for pleasant application.

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Toll free No: 1800 103 1299